Wan and Heather

Remember I told you it was wedding season?. Yesterday saw Greig act as Best Man to his longtime friend Euan. Known to us as Wan since our school days it’s kind of hard to let that go. In fact no one else calls him Wan with the possible exception of Vikki, and even we don’t call Wan ‘Wan’ when we talk to him only, when we talk to each other about Wan which is weird. Anyway now he is officially ‘Wan and Heather’ or ‘Heather and Wan’ because they are officially Mr and Mrs Carmichael.
The wedding was lovely, Brodie rocked his socks off as a ring bearer and Bridesmaid escort, even though he was a bit under the weather. Grier took her flower girl duties a little less seriously but did enjoy stair climbing, photo bombing and photo escapes and wearing silver shoes as only the littlest girlfriend can.
It should come as no surprise that while packing 4 outfits (1 backup each), overnight bags including medicines and soft toys where appropriate coupled with trying to apply mascara to my actual eyes with one year old on hip I forgot to charge my camera battery. So hardly any photos to share yet.
Let’s be honest though I would have had to sprout a couple of spare hands to take photos as wrangling the littles while Greig was Best Manning was shall we say, hectic? Very kindly though Granny and Granda picked them up after the meal which allowed us to celebrate with our friends. I heard Greig’s speech run through last week even though I missed the real thing yesterday and I heard it went down well. As Greig says ‘Operation Get Wan Married’ is completed. We are delighted for them both.

best man ever

Check this guy – Best Man ever


One thought on “Wan and Heather

  1. Totally agree re best man -so handsome! Congratulations to Heather and Euan. Look forward to seeing more photos of the gorgeous two (Brodie and Grier obviously)M x

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