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At least 18 months ago Morag bought me a remnant of fabric from Liberty. I love Liberty prints I can sniff them out at 20 paces. There’s just something about their spirit and vintage yet modern feel that speaks to me. The bag containing the fabric has sat on my craft table for all that time and I would occasionally get it out and look at it. However I’m issuing myself a project – to use it in as many projects as I can until it’s all gone. I’m not going to save it, I’m going to use it and love it.
First up I made a necklace. Essentially I sewed a long tube of fabric, turned it right side out and then threaded on some beads which I then tied knots between. It’s fastened at the back by tying a low tech bow. Easy as that.

liberty necklace 3

liberty necklace 2

liberty necklace 1

And I really like it, I can see me wearing it quite often. It’s not fussy and over the top and I love that I can change the beads really easily if I want to.

If you fancy making one of your own a word of advice. Make sure your beads have a large hole or you’ll be stuck. I have some lovely rose beads which had too small a hole for me to fit the fabric tube through but will no doubt come in handy for something else.

I think my next challenge might have to be getting better at taking self portraits?


2 thoughts on “Liberty Necklace

  1. Every time you get all crafty, I say to myself…wish I could do that!! It’s very funky and cool, most definitely you x

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