If you follow any knitters online and if any of those knitters have knitted anything for a baby they will likely have knitted this.
Learning to knit was one of my goals for 2011. When I made that goal I was pregnant with Grier although I didn’t know it yet and all through my pregnancy I fantasised about all the lovely things I would knit for her. Ha, ha. Then reality hit – I had a toddler and ferocious morning sickness and actually knitting is hard what with all the counting and the reading of instructions and such. Luckily for me my baby has a wonderful knitter in her Granny so has always been well supplied with beautiful, bespoke hand knits.
But over the last two years I have actually learned to knit. A bit. I knitted this.
puerperium 1

puerperium 2

It’s for my on the way niece. My brother and his wife are expecting a baby girl in the summer, so exciting. The baby will be born in Manhattan in the height of summer but babies always need a cardi and a hat, go with me on this one. I’m hoping this will be useful if they want to take an evening stroll with the wee one. Greig heartily approves of the kimono style – easier to get little arms into – but is concerned about the amount of buttons but perhaps my brother will be kind enough to provide a Daddy review when he’s tried it out?
I knitted it with Patons Fairytale Dreamtime Double Knitting. It’s pure wool but pretty soft, especially after a wash. The pattern is knitted on a circular needle and having no seams to sew made me unashamedly happy. The matching hat was knitted with double-pointed needles, so again in the round and was similarly satisfying.
If you fancy whipping up some of your own, hat pattern and puerperium cardigan pattern.

4 thoughts on “Puerperium

  1. Perfect wee outfit. You should be rightly proud of yourself. A very lucky baby girl to have two Scottish Aunts knitting for her. M x

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