So in an attempt to raise learned and cultured offspring we visited the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art this week. A transparent attempt to counterbalance the hours of Cbeebies consumed and also because the sparse, clean feel of galleries makes me feel like I’ve spring cleaned my head.
Unfortunately this bright spark didn’t bother checking the theme of the art we were about to experience so when we rocked up to the ‘From Death to Death and Other Small Tales’ exhibition no wonder the lady behind the desk gave me a slightly quizzical look. In actual fact there wasn’t a whole lot of ‘death’ on show, just lots and lots of female nudes, admittedly in ‘deconstructed’ states. Of course that didn’t stop Grier from identifying with this Picasso. Identifying loudly ‘lady, lady, lady’ in case any passersby were confused at the subject of this work.
Anyhoo, the kids were great, no one is scarred for life and Brodie loved the Ernesto Neto piece, getting a real kick out of the cinnamony smell – smellovision art – perfect for pre schoolers.
A quick drink and scone in the cafe overlooked by an actual ‘Iron Giant’ resulted in a great morning.
My favourite moment was this – Brodie asked me in hushed tones if what he was looking at was a couch. When I said yes, he asked if it was a sitting on couch or a sculpture couch.
We had a seat on the sitting couch and talked about how tricky it is to tell what you can and can’t touch in art galleries.
Grier museum
Brodie museum

museum 1

museum 2

museum 4

museum 5

We’ll definitely be back.

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