Petticoat mark 2

Remember this?, well it was time for another go. We have another wedding and another dress which needs poofing. This time I made it up as I went along and thankfully it turned out great. I used tulle I bought from Etsy. I specifically searched for soft tulle so it would be scratchy. Scratchy tulle has more poof but who wants something scratchy next to their skin?
I cut a piece 4 times the width of the vest (or waist measurement) which would become the main skirt section. Then I eyeballed about half the length of the skirt and cut a piece this height but the width of my tulle edge to edge. With me? I then made another three of these pieces, ruffled them and attached them to the skirt part. All on top of each other so I had two layers of ruffled tulle front and back. Then I gathered the top of the skirt part and attached it to the vest. Just for fun I added some ruffles to the bottom of the vest – to make it look a bit like frilly pants because you know at some point Grier’s dress will end up around her ears.
petticoat 1

petticoat 2
I can see me making this again with more tiers as an underskirt and even making one to use as a tutu. We’re big on tutus around here. Working with this soft tulle is easy, I thought it would be a nightmare. It’s light and fluffy and very forgiving. No fraying means you can trim as you go which is good for a hacker like me.

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