One ‘ha penny

Do me a favour and pretend it’s good Friday m’kay? Because then this post would be perfectly timed. I baked hot cross buns using this recipe from the Sainsbury’s magazine. I used tinned prunes, drained which worked well and the dark chocolate is a really yummy touch. When I make these again I will up […]


I wrote about carseats here. Tonight when I was getting the kids ready for bed I caught a couple of seconds of this weeks Bang Goes the Theory on BBC 1 about rearfacing seats. There are moves to discuss whether or not we will follow other European countries in adopting laws to ensure our children […]

Born Perfect

I was born perfect. The rest is just beliefs that I picked up…I don’t believe them anymore. I choose to believe that I am perfect and whole.” – Caron Goode I came across this quote recently whilst reading this article. I’m not sure I agree with much of the article but that quote resonated with […]

D & F Invitations

Fiona is known for her love of leopard print, she wears it all the time so when she came up with the idea of having leopard print invitations it seemed very fitting! I pinned a few images for her to see and she really liked a red and leopard invitation so using that I came […]

8 years

Our 8th wedding anniversary comes two days after Greig’s brother was married. 8 years suddenly feels like a couple of months at most. Once again time messes with my head. I bought Greig this print because I think it’s pretty apt. And because he’s the wordsmith in this partnership but I’m really good at shopping.

Douglas and Fiona

photo credit David Cameron We’re back from the wedding. The bags are unpacked and the washing machine hums in the background as I write. We had a great time, the wedding was full of personality and colour. The children (and adults) showed impeccable behaviour. Now we pour over the photos and reminisce about the funny […]


Here are a few clues that Grier is thinking ‘getmyteareadywomanwhat’swrongwithyou?’ First say ‘tea’ roughly 82 times. Then bring a bib, helpfully saying ‘bib’ and don’t stop until you’re wearing it. Next pull out your chair. Then collect cups, one for me and one for Brodie. Bang on the fridge asking for milk. Reach into the […]

Another day

Mothers Day – just another day here in the Mumhood. I started the day with two children in the bed, wriggling and wiggling and gently yet persistently dragging me into the day. The thing with children is they do that a lot. Pushing life along as they go about their business. Breakfast, lunch and tea […]