This boy is 4

Brodie 4
So the length of time between Brodie’s birth day and his birthday today is 4 years. 4 years. I’ve been wandering about muttering about this for some time now while people look at me like I’m an idiot. How can 4 years possibly have passed since I spent those first few hours after he was born drinking in every tiny bit of him? His tiny feet, the birthmark on his head, his enormous blue eyes and wayward blonde curls.
Everyday the space between his birth day and this day gets longer. Everyday the way I love this boy gets a bit bigger, more complicated, more colourful, more joyous, more real.
Everyday with you is an adventure Brodie. Why can’t we build a railway track in the front garden? Why shouldn’t you have cinnamon on your bananas? Why do we have to get dressed? What is down that path and why shouldn’t we explore it?
And the questions. Still, all day, every day with the questions. If I had to pick on part of you which is distinctly Brodie it would be the questions. The insatiable, unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The passion and intensity with which you are learning about the world, it is quite breathtaking. And utterly inspiring. And sometimes exhausting. Mum is sorry about that Brodie, that sometimes I just don’t have another long explanation in me for that day. So I palm you off with a half-hearted excuse for an answer. And you file the question away to be asked again later because you seem to understand.
What an almighty privilege it is to be your Mum. To be the feeder and the cleaner and the cuddler. And the gateway keeper to the rest of the world. I try to be open and encouraging and to give you the freedom to explore whilst keeping you close enough for comfort should you ever need it. I hope I’m getting this right Brodie.
The other night while we watched tv you reached over to take my hand Brodie. I hope you are always so free with your affection. That you wear your enormous heart proudly on your sleeve. That you find a way to learn from every hurt and that the fear of rejection or failure never holds you back. Be always as brave and bold and strong and sweet as you are today.

Happy Birthday. I love you all around the Milky Way and Mars and back.


2 thoughts on “This boy is 4

  1. Sure Brodie will find 4 is a great age to be. He is a fortunate boy to have loving, caring parents and a lovable wee sister. M x

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