So I pretty much failed in taking photos from Brodie’s actual birthday day. In my defense I was working, but still I was so disappointed when I checked my camera and realised I had about two decent photos. None of him riding his new bike or riding in his new wagon. None of the bacon, sausage and carrot feast we enjoyed.
birthday 2

iron giant

Still, I do have eleventy billion photos of the first 4 years of his life.

I did slightly better on his ‘party’ day. He’s still holding strong to the concept of a two-day birthday, so thanks for that Auntie Kerry. He was delighted and so was I that Kerry and Vikki came down for his birthday. It’s good to have our people around otherwise what kind of celebration would it be?
He stopped playing for about 2.5 seconds to blow the candle on his cake out which was hilarious. No time for the conventions of birthday parties.

party 1

party 3

party 4

party 2

party 5

party 6

Greig helped him do his hair to make it look ‘cool’. He’s standing on the toilet so he can see himself in the mirror. I’m having teenage flashforwards and making mental notes that we need to beg, borrow or possibly build another bathroom in this house before say 2020?

Once more I feel so lucky we have people who make these days so special.


3 thoughts on “Fail

  1. Wow what an amazing cake! Two day birthdays are perfect and great fun for all – love the hair – the years flash by so quickly – before you know it those precious little years are gone, enjoy every moment xK

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