The tumble dryer is not working. Hardly the end of the world right? The first world problem of a pampered woman at most? Huh, tell that to my husband. Whom I just hung up on because he didn’t fix it right now. To be fair hanging up was probably the best option as the alternative […]


Here are a few clues that Grier is thinking ‘getmyteareadywomanwhat’swrongwithyou?’ First say ‘tea’ roughly 82 times. Then bring a bib, helpfully saying ‘bib’ and don’t stop until you’re wearing it. Next pull out your chair. Then collect cups, one for me and one for Brodie. Bang on the fridge asking for milk. Reach into the […]

Grier at 18 months

Grier is 18 months old. 1 week, 6 months, 1 year, 18 months She has so much personality. She is still very quiet around strangers, or people she likes to regard as strangers – you know close relative and friends she hasn’t seen for more than a week. She gives dirty looks that stink. It […]

Petticoat mark 2

Remember this?, well it was time for another go. We have another wedding and another dress which needs poofing. This time I made it up as I went along and thankfully it turned out great. I used tulle I bought from Etsy. I specifically searched for soft tulle so it would be scratchy. Scratchy tulle […]


So in an attempt to raise learned and cultured offspring we visited the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art this week. A transparent attempt to counterbalance the hours of Cbeebies consumed and also because the sparse, clean feel of galleries makes me feel like I’ve spring cleaned my head. Unfortunately this bright spark didn’t bother […]