MillaMia Debut

My Debut, not MillaMia’s. MillaMia believe you can ‘combine a love of knitting with a love of modern contemporary design and quality’. And when I read that I thought, me too! That’s me. I’m modern and I love knitting. Modernish anyway. I came across a book of their patterns shopping in John Lewis over Christmas […]


I knitted something for me! It’s a shruglet. The pattern can be found here on ravelry (online knitting community, get with the programme Dad). It’s actually called the Easy Peasy Shrug. And it was indeed easy peasy, but mine turned out petit non? The pattern was concise and very easy to follow. The giant lace […]


I’d just like to refer you back to this tie I knitted for Greig Imagine my delight yesterday when I was flicking through the Spring/Summer 2012 Next directory and I can across this item An actual knitted tie! Amazing. If you would like to buy one you can get it here I think I’m onto […]