Wake Up

Most days Grier wakes up from her nap and Brodie is still sleeping. Sometimes she’s happy to play with me for a while but sooner or later she realises Brodie is not around and so heads into his room to find him. I find it the mushiest part of my day. Brodie for his part […]


So winter vomiting bugs are alive and well in Casa Cameron 2012. I was ill at the weekend and Brodie spent much of today with his head in a basin. He was spectacularly brave and strong and stoic and amazing. The best three-year old in the world no doubt. I hope so much he’s over […]

Table Manners

Spaghetti eating, it’s tricky no? I think watching kids eat spaghetti might be one of the best things ever. I’m so thankful that Brodie and Grier eat lots and lots of different things I can’t bring myself to be a stickler for things like ‘don’t wind every available strand of spaghetti on to your fork […]


We are still feeling generally under the weather chez Cameron so because the sun was blazing in the sky today we headed out to Beecraigs for a whump through the mud and a play in the park. Well that and the fact Grier may well still be contagious with hand, foot and mouth I decided […]


I’m endlessly fascinated in witnessing this sibling relationship develop. My wake up call was when Grier was a few weeks old and Greig and I took Brodie to the park on his own thinking he was craving some time as an ‘only’ once more. He spent the whole time asking for Grier and I realised […]