Get the Kettle On

Stop. collaborate and visit. My new blog that is. Get a cup of tea and check it out here Tea is the Answer All the old stuff is over there, promise. Update your bookmarks and I promise to find out how you can sign up for an RSS feed or use BlogLovin to follow me […]


Spending a bit of time each day browsing blogs each day is a simple indulgence. With a cup of tea in hand and a minute or two of quiet it is a restorative practice, good for the soul. Sometimes I marvel at the crafts or the baking. Sometimes I agree or disagree with the commentary. […]


I had dinner with an old friend over the weekend. She is a mum too, so she understands that even when you’re off ‘mum’ duty you’ll most likely end up talking about your kids. We indulged in decent plates of pasta cooked by someone else and our conversation meandered from work to homelife to cosmetic […]

Born Perfect

I was born perfect. The rest is just beliefs that I picked up…I don’t believe them anymore. I choose to believe that I am perfect and whole.” – Caron Goode I came across this quote recently whilst reading this article. I’m not sure I agree with much of the article but that quote resonated with […]

8 years

Our 8th wedding anniversary comes two days after Greig’s brother was married. 8 years suddenly feels like a couple of months at most. Once again time messes with my head. I bought Greig this print because I think it’s pretty apt. And because he’s the wordsmith in this partnership but I’m really good at shopping.

Douglas and Fiona

photo credit David Cameron We’re back from the wedding. The bags are unpacked and the washing machine hums in the background as I write. We had a great time, the wedding was full of personality and colour. The children (and adults) showed impeccable behaviour. Now we pour over the photos and reminisce about the funny […]

Another day

Mothers Day – just another day here in the Mumhood. I started the day with two children in the bed, wriggling and wiggling and gently yet persistently dragging me into the day. The thing with children is they do that a lot. Pushing life along as they go about their business. Breakfast, lunch and tea […]

This boy is 4

So the length of time between Brodie’s birth day and his birthday today is 4 years. 4 years. I’ve been wandering about muttering about this for some time now while people look at me like I’m an idiot. How can 4 years possibly have passed since I spent those first few hours after he was […]


So in an attempt to raise learned and cultured offspring we visited the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art this week. A transparent attempt to counterbalance the hours of Cbeebies consumed and also because the sparse, clean feel of galleries makes me feel like I’ve spring cleaned my head. Unfortunately this bright spark didn’t bother […]