I have tried in vain over the last few days to get a good photo of Brodie and Grier together that I can send to friends and relatives in Christmas cards. I have literally thousands of photos of them both individually but getting one together where they are both even in the frame is virtually […]


Not only is the beach park at Montrose the best park ever in Brodie’s eyes it’s a really cool place to take photos. Brodie discovered even more cool stuff this time round and there is still so much to explore I can’t wait to take him back. Daredevil Grier was enjoying the slides and standing […]


Brodie was with Nana and Grandad this morning so Grier and I spread out a quilt on the grass and I took some photos. She was so intent on getting to the wall and standing up. The look of concentration on her face was magical. I feel like she is bursting with personality these days, […]


Our house should probably still have a big X on the front door due to all the illness inside. No one is really 100% but we are on the mend. I’m starting to have major anxiety about the time I’ve missed from the half marathon training but there is nothing I can do. I will […]

I love this

Brodie received a digital camera for his birthday – thanks Tony and Jade! He has had a blast with it and we uploaded his photos tonight. They are so good, my boy obviously has a real talent. I couldn’t share all 200 shots with you (well I could, that would be some slide show………….) so […]

Hi Mum,

I’ve just peed on my tutu and the sheet you use when you are pretending to be a real photographer, Love Grier x Grier and I took some photos today because it was so bright and lovely. Brodie took a trip to the farm with Granny which he loved. He’s been asking to go for […]


Why is it so hard to take photos of Brodie and Grier together? This was the best out of about a trillion we took yesterday. In my head they always work out much better than my skills can deliver. Using my camera in manual mode is much less scary than I thought and I’m getting […]