I’m going to preface this post with the disclaimer that even the Beechgrove Garden struggled this year with produce and I’m like a billion times less talented (in the garden sense) so it’s hardly surprising I haven’t got much to show for my gardening efforts this year. I have some carrots, not as many as […]

A sweet haul….

Broxburn Gala Day was a great despite the rain. It stayed dry for the parade and for the obligatory trip to the shows. The parade was extra exciting because our friend Rachel was a Lady in Waiting and her sister Hannah was marching too. Granny was marching with GB’s, Brodie saw two or three friends […]


I have no idea why Brodie and Grier like playing in the cot so much? Brodie tosses in a bunch of toys, they get in, jump about, play, lie down next to each other and are generally as happy as pigs in mud. That is until someone gets a foot to the head. But until […]

Back to School

My maternity leave ended today. I think I coped pretty admirably leaving the baby (and of course the boy) in the very capable hands of granny for the day. There were no tears from anyone and coming back to them after a day is the best thing in the world. I think today was the […]

Last Chance Run

I have just registered online to take part in the Great Scottish Run in a few weeks. I’ve been putting it off despite following a half marathon training plan for the last ten weeks as I wasn’t sure I was actually going to go through with it. After all what’s wrong with completing the training […]

11 months

Wow Grier, this month has been full of wonderful things. You have learned to clap and wave and delight in doing both. You have learned to shake your head for ‘no’, and do it when you are touching something you should not be and also when you are not happy about something. You sign ‘more’ […]