Blog first foot

If you’re visiting for the first time in 2013, I’m considering you an interwebz first footer – Happy New Year! Our Hogmanay was brand new and familiar all at once. We did what we always do and it was pretty near prefect. During the day we just played and watched a DVD and I had […]

Festive Treats

Making edible gifts at Christmas has become a bit of a tradition for me. There’s something about sending a yummy treat from my house to yours that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas. With Pinterest, there’s an endless supply of festive foodie ideas to try. I like making these but try not to be overambitious or […]

Merry & Bright

Santa, he came! and We unwrapped with intensity We cherished Hello Kitty hair clips We unwrapped more (note Hello Kitty hair claps still tightly grasped) And we played Smiled, and didn’t smile for photos climbed many stairs and ate, talked, ate, played, ate, drank and ate some more. I hope you had a joyous Christmas. […]


Today we got our tree. (From Beecraigs if you are interested, we would highly recommend them. I say ‘we’ I didn’t actually do any tree lifting or carrying but I think it’s a handsome tree and smells divine) This is the first year Brodie has really got a kick out of decorating the tree. He […]