Printable Thank Yous

So the week after Christmas I believe I felt pretty much crafted out. I still haven’t started the Christmas quilt I promised myself I’d start in January. Back to the week after Christmas. I always feel slightly overwhelmed by the amount of gifts we receive, which serves to (a) make me feel very spoiled and […]

Wake Up

Most days Grier wakes up from her nap and Brodie is still sleeping. Sometimes she’s happy to play with me for a while but sooner or later she realises Brodie is not around and so heads into his room to find him. I find it the mushiest part of my day. Brodie for his part […]


For the little people in our lives I went with cosy hats, mittens and neckwarmers. I used this and this pattern for all the hats, adding ribbons and buttons to the girls. I lined the hats with leftover jersey material from the ruffle scarfs. I got the tutorial for that here. I didn’t actually make […]

December Daily complete

The 2012 album is complete. I wrote about my supplies here and am really pleased with how they worked to make this a pretty straightforward project. I love looking back over the previous years albums and I’m strongly attached to the motto ‘Good enough is good enough’ so I’m happy to call it done. There […]

Big Girl Pants

It was time. It was time to get on my big girl pants and cross some things off the to do list which I had been avoiding ostrich style. First I got up and went for a run. For the first time in a long time. It was fine. I maybe even enjoyed it a […]

Wan and Heather

Remember I told you it was wedding season?. Yesterday saw Greig act as Best Man to his longtime friend Euan. Known to us as Wan since our school days it’s kind of hard to let that go. In fact no one else calls him Wan with the possible exception of Vikki, and even we don’t […]