MillaMia Debut

My Debut, not MillaMia’s. MillaMia believe you can ‘combine a love of knitting with a love of modern contemporary design and quality’. And when I read that I thought, me too! That’s me. I’m modern and I love knitting. Modernish anyway. I came across a book of their patterns shopping in John Lewis over Christmas […]


Spending a bit of time each day browsing blogs each day is a simple indulgence. With a cup of tea in hand and a minute or two of quiet it is a restorative practice, good for the soul. Sometimes I marvel at the crafts or the baking. Sometimes I agree or disagree with the commentary. […]

What Brodie Said Part 6

Brodie has been saying a lot recently – nothing new there. But some of these are absolute crackers ‘Mum, do you know any cheetahs?’ ‘No, why?’ ‘Because I’d like to have a race with one’. ‘Mum, I’m hungry’ ‘Are you genuinely hungry Brodie, or are you just bored? ‘Mmmmm’ 5 minutes later ‘Mum, I’m honestly […]

Fancy hat

When I look at this photo I can kind of see where Grier gets her repertoire of ‘looks’ from. Ahem. (Credit for photo to David Cameron) While I can’t claim to have made this hat, I did fancy it up a little for the wedding and add a touch of my own. Although I would […]

Little Seedlings

Getting your kids to grow stuff is good fun. That’s why we do it. But also it helps develop a sense of environmental responsibility, an understanding of the natural world and also means you can make lots of mess. I also completely buy into the idea that growing their own encourages children to eat and […]


I had dinner with an old friend over the weekend. She is a mum too, so she understands that even when you’re off ‘mum’ duty you’ll most likely end up talking about your kids. We indulged in decent plates of pasta cooked by someone else and our conversation meandered from work to homelife to cosmetic […]


I kept the horseshoe I was given at our wedding. The sentiment it holds is pure and true but to be honest it’s not the most attractive. I love the idea of horseshoes and always try to have one on hand when we attend a wedding. I made this one last year and I made […]