I’m not a fan of Annabel Karmel really. I think she is indicative of all that is wrong with the massive ‘baby food’ industry which exists to prey on the insecurities of well-meaning parents who want only the best for their child. The endless rows of pureed food heat-treated in glass jars, stored for a […]

Roll with it

When Brodie was tiny every time I had to put away clothes that were too small I ended up in floods of tears as I folded the impossibly small clothes into piles to keep or pass on. It physically hurt that my baby just.kept.getting.bigger. I wanted to crystallize every minute and keep it with me […]

In action

If pictures of babies with food everywhere make you a bit nauseous you should probably skip this post. This is Grier’s splashmat in action. This is what happens when 7 month olds self feed themselves yoghurt. This is squishy, messy, baby fun. Obviously yoghurt eating precedes bath taking. Sssssh don’t tell Brodie we were playing […]

Splash Mat

This has been on my daily to do list since this material arrived in the post last week. I’m not sure it really counts as sewing when it’s essentially two pieces of material sewn together, turned and then topstitched. I love the fabric – I’ve been looking for laminated cotton for ages to make a […]

A beautiful mind

Brodie is up to all sorts of incredible things these days. Like constructing epic stories which involve characters – mostly monsters with names like ‘the grager’ who live in caves in the woods and stomp around leaving slime trails. These stories have twists and subplots and even WOW words occasionally (I’m too school for cool […]

What Brodie said part 2

Things Brodie has said recently Grier, stop splashing me and don’t eat that bucket. We don’t eat buckets Dad. Those are not square sausages, they are rectangles. Don’t worry Grier, Mummy will be back in just a minute. Maybe. Quick Grier, let’s shut the door and hide from Daddy. You know Jamie? Me – No, […]