What Brodie Said Part 6

Brodie has been saying a lot recently – nothing new there. But some of these are absolute crackers ‘Mum, do you know any cheetahs?’ ‘No, why?’ ‘Because I’d like to have a race with one’. ‘Mum, I’m hungry’ ‘Are you genuinely hungry Brodie, or are you just bored? ‘Mmmmm’ 5 minutes later ‘Mum, I’m honestly […]


The tumble dryer is not working. Hardly the end of the world right? The first world problem of a pampered woman at most? Huh, tell that to my husband. Whom I just hung up on because he didn’t fix it right now. To be fair hanging up was probably the best option as the alternative […]


So I pretty much failed in taking photos from Brodie’s actual birthday day. In my defense I was working, but still I was so disappointed when I checked my camera and realised I had about two decent photos. None of him riding his new bike or riding in his new wagon. None of the bacon, […]

This boy is 4

So the length of time between Brodie’s birth day and his birthday today is 4 years. 4 years. I’ve been wandering about muttering about this for some time now while people look at me like I’m an idiot. How can 4 years possibly have passed since I spent those first few hours after he was […]


So in an attempt to raise learned and cultured offspring we visited the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art this week. A transparent attempt to counterbalance the hours of Cbeebies consumed and also because the sparse, clean feel of galleries makes me feel like I’ve spring cleaned my head. Unfortunately this bright spark didn’t bother […]