Fancy hat

When I look at this photo I can kind of see where Grier gets her repertoire of ‘looks’ from. Ahem. (Credit for photo to David Cameron) While I can’t claim to have made this hat, I did fancy it up a little for the wedding and add a touch of my own. Although I would […]


I kept the horseshoe I was given at our wedding. The sentiment it holds is pure and true but to be honest it’s not the most attractive. I love the idea of horseshoes and always try to have one on hand when we attend a wedding. I made this one last year and I made […]

D & F Invitations

Fiona is known for her love of leopard print, she wears it all the time so when she came up with the idea of having leopard print invitations it seemed very fitting! I pinned a few images for her to see and she really liked a red and leopard invitation so using that I came […]

Petticoat mark 2

Remember this?, well it was time for another go. We have another wedding and another dress which needs poofing. This time I made it up as I went along and thankfully it turned out great. I used tulle I bought from Etsy. I specifically searched for soft tulle so it would be scratchy. Scratchy tulle […]

Bean Bag Girl

Remember Brodie’s beanbag? Well that bad boy didn’t really have enough room for two. See? Don’t let this angelic pose fool you, it’s normally proper slam down wrestling when it comes to who gets to sit on the bean bag. So it was time to make Grier one of her own. I got this material […]