Wedding Day

Yesterday we packed up, headed to Cringletie House near Peebles, got all dressed up and celebrated as our very good friends had a Civil Partnership ceremony. Or a wedding, because Civil Partnership doesn’t really trip off the tongue. And what a wedding it was. I’ve known Vikki for nearly twenty years, and Greig even longer. […]

I miss shopping

I was thinking about things I miss since having children. I should probably preface this post with stating that I truly love having the littles, they are the best thing in the world. However, there are some things which were definitely easier to orchestrate before they were here, and some things which are just not […]


The last week or so we’ve notice Brodie has been a bit unsettled. Entirely to be expected of course, his world has literally been turned upside down over the past few weeks. Greig and I realised things have been up and down for us all so we thought we would try to spend some special […]

Toddler Labour

Don’t tell me you don’t all employ your toddler to dust and hoover. How else do you think I keep my house show home ready at all times;) Grier was visited by the health visitor yesterday, and weighed in at 9lb 15oz. So she’s gained not far off a pound a week which I am […]

One month

Our baby girl is one month old today. How on earth did that happen? She is such a delight to have around. She is completely fascinated with Brodie and turns her head towards the voices of loved ones. She likes to be wrapped up and sleeps so well at night we feel better than the […]

Flying Solo

Every mother shares a common wish. It doesn’t matter what level of education she has, where she lives, her race or her religion: she wants desperately to be a good mum. – Katherine Stone Greig was back at work this week so this was my first week with the littles on my own. Well kind […]

Paternity leave is over!

So this was our last week in the ‘baby bubble’, and what a lovely week it was. The past three weeks have been a lovely start to being a family of 4. Greig has been able to spend lots and lots of time with Grier and Brodie and I have been able to take it […]