Fancy hat

When I look at this photo I can kind of see where Grier gets her repertoire of ‘looks’ from. Ahem. (Credit for photo to David Cameron) While I can’t claim to have made this hat, I did fancy it up a little for the wedding and add a touch of my own. Although I would […]

Petticoat mark 2

Remember this?, well it was time for another go. We have another wedding and another dress which needs poofing. This time I made it up as I went along and thankfully it turned out great. I used tulle I bought from Etsy. I specifically searched for soft tulle so it would be scratchy. Scratchy tulle […]

Bean Bag Girl

Remember Brodie’s beanbag? Well that bad boy didn’t really have enough room for two. See? Don’t let this angelic pose fool you, it’s normally proper slam down wrestling when it comes to who gets to sit on the bean bag. So it was time to make Grier one of her own. I got this material […]


For the little people in our lives I went with cosy hats, mittens and neckwarmers. I used this and this pattern for all the hats, adding ribbons and buttons to the girls. I lined the hats with leftover jersey material from the ruffle scarfs. I got the tutorial for that here. I didn’t actually make […]

Bow tie

In my quest to dress Brodie as a teeny tiny Gareth Malone I had to make him a bow tie. Just kidding. I did make him a bow tie though, to go with his blazer. I used this tutorial without changing a thing and it fits pretty well. Now all I need to do is […]


Tony and Jade’s wedding is only a few weeks away. Grier has a beautiful dress to wear but it needed a little poof. Since Grier was born I’ve been thinking about making petticoats and tutus and I had a go at a no sew tutu which worked really well. To go under this dress though […]