Great Scottish Run 2012

I have the medal which means I totally did it! I took more than 15 minutes off my previous time and finished with a sprint and a big smile on my face. There were a few differences this time round. I wasn’t recovering from flu, I had my watch and iPod on me, I took […]

Last Chance Run

I have just registered online to take part in the Great Scottish Run in a few weeks. I’ve been putting it off despite following a half marathon training plan for the last ten weeks as I wasn’t sure I was actually going to go through with it. After all what’s wrong with completing the training […]


A wise woman told me to reflect for a few days on my half marathon, so I did:) I hope I didn’t come across as negative or whiny in my last post about it, that was not my intention. I wasn’t disappointed or sad just maybe a little shocked? I think the experience just wasn’t […]

The night before

So I’m running a half marathon in the morning. It seems ridiculous to even type that, what am I thinking? I’m scouring the internet for advice only to discover that I’m pretty much too late to undertake any of the advice suggested. Ah well. I’m a bit nervous to be honest, not for the actual […]


So I ran yesterday morning. It was sunny. I had breakfast. I ran a new route. I finished 10K in a reasonable time. I ran my fastest ever mile. Such a good way to start our holiday week. My turnaround point was here – halfway over the footbridge over Newbridge roundabout. It felt almost poetic […]

It’s not me, it’s you…….

I’m a bit bored with the running. I’m bored with lacing up my trainers and putting on my iPod armband. The sparkle has rubbed off a bit. I was completely deflated after finishing 8 miles on saturday, in contrast to the week before when I was all – get me I’m a running rock star. […]


Grier was weighed last week by the health visitor, (16lbs 3oz for the interested parties) and has fallen off her growth curve a bit. The health visitor was not concerned and neither was I. In fact I smiled wryly at her non concern. Remember when they were concerned she was ‘out of proportion’ – which […]