I’ve got this down

So recently the balance has shifted. It’s only taken 19 months but I finally feel like I’ve got a handle on having two kids. Well not all the time but pretty close. I feel like we have a good thing B and G. We have an understanding. We only have ‘moments’ when the other child is polishing their halo. We can go places and do things and sometimes nobody cries. We can laugh and sing our way around the supermarket, the littlest Little rocket propelling soft produce into the trolly like her life depended on it. We can eat and drink outside the house with minimal hosing down needed afterwards. We can get from morning when Daddy leaves until bedtime and feel pretty good about all we’ve achieved that day, even if it’s only picking out new books at the library (takes a while).
Of course some days the electronic babysitter is called upon more than is good for us, sometimes I make a nutritious meal nobody eats, sometimes someone has to go and play by themselves for a while and cool down. But none of this seems overwhelming anymore, it feels normal and restorative and challenging and good.
Are you concerned it’s taken us this long to find this balance? It’s not like we weren’t happy before or that things were always chaotic or unpleasant – they definitely were not. But I feel now like I’m captain of this ship, and we can enjoy all the plain sailing and stormy seas which come our way.

What took you so long Mum?

(and seriously you’re claiming to ‘have this down’? Have you seen the state of my clothes?)


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