One ‘ha penny

Do me a favour and pretend it’s good Friday m’kay?
Because then this post would be perfectly timed.

I baked hot cross buns using this recipe from the Sainsbury’s magazine. I used tinned prunes, drained which worked well and the dark chocolate is a really yummy touch. When I make these again I will up the spices and bake on a lower shelf as they were pretty dark when they were baked through. Definitely not burnt ok?
The dough was wet so next time I would be more cautious when adding the liquid but to be honest I had to add a lot of flour when kneading and they were still soft and doughy, not tough.
I’ve already written this recipe into my old school, pen and paper recipe file so that means it’s definitely a keeper. Husband and child approved.

buns 1

buns 2

buns 3

buns 4


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