Another day

Mothers Day – just another day here in the Mumhood.
I started the day with two children in the bed, wriggling and wiggling and gently yet persistently dragging me into the day. The thing with children is they do that a lot. Pushing life along as they go about their business. Breakfast, lunch and tea with snacks in between. Bathtime, booktime, bedtime all come and go in the rhythm of a ‘normal’ day.
We’re pretty relaxed in this house, we can afford to be as more often than not we have no specific place to be so we can do as we please. Still though there’s a familiarity to our days which keeps everything ticking along even when we (read me) is not really feeling it. After four years in this gig I appreciate that, especially those things which signal bedtime is approaching.

So while I never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, I really do. I know that there will be cuddles moans and meals and snacks and games and disagreements. And I like it that way.

Yet another thing I didn’t recognise before welcoming these little people into our lives. I always had routine in my life before I suppose but it took until I was responsible for providing someone else’s routine to see how comforting it is. And like all things, if it makes you happy and you’re not hurting anyone knock yourself out. Embrace and enjoy the routine things which make you happy. And if it makes you feel better – call them rituals and take pseudo arty pictures and post them on the internet.

ritual baby

Happy Mothers Day. Mums are great, children are great, we’re all great.


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